martes, 16 de septiembre de 2014


1.Greetings Lauren from Peru! how going the things? all good?

Hey ! Everything is going great, thanks for letting me a part of your blog.

2.Tell us how you started in the skate? which was your motivation to ride skateboard?

I started skating about 4 years ago. I was tired of sitting and watching the boys so i picked up a board and started pushing. Haven't been able to stop since. Im addicted.

3.Lauren how is the skate female movement in your city? having support?

Im from Jacksonville Florida and to be honest there aren't too many girls in North Florida seriously skating. So I do get a lot of support and respect from the skate community. Its one of my dreams to be able to amp up girls skating and get more girls on skateboards!

4.At present you have support from some sponsors?

Right now I am currently sponsored by Underground Skateboards and The Pit Surf Shop. I get some flow from Spy Optics as well.

5.Lauren you are part from some team? crew?

I guess I have a crew but mostly its just all the homies from Jacksonville and from around the area that skate the same places all the time. One of the best parts of skating is meeting new shred buddies and going to new spots.

6.Which are your favorite tricks?

I love riding transition but haven't been able to air yet. So I really like grinds, smith grinds are by far my favorite.


7.Lauren tell me how is the movement skater in your city,in all aspects.

The skate scene in Jacksonville and the area is pretty awesome. There are a lot of old shredders that have backyard spots and crews that meet on certain days just to go get their skate on. But everyone pretty much knows each other, skateboarding is an amazing way to meet friends.

8.Your favorite board? trucks? wheels?

My favorite board is my sponsor Underground they really know what they're doing. Favorite trucks so far are Indy's and my Favorite wheels are Bones Jimmy the Greeks.

9.Lauren tell me which are your favorite skaters? male of female...

I have so many favorites but right now some include Grant Taylor , Brad McClain, Julz Lynn, Nora Vasconcellos, and Leticia Bufoni.

10.What do you in your free time? apart from ride skate...

I pretty much eat, sleep , and breath skateboarding. But I like to surf and I love hanging out with friends new and old.


11.Future plans Lauren

As far as the future goes I want to continue to progress with my skateboarding and meet as many people as I can and travel to as many places as i can. I am going to school to major in Communications and would love to someday be a part of the skate industry promoting girls skating.

12.Lauren thanks for your time,your last lines sister

Thank you!! Shred or Die!

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