jueves, 28 de febrero de 2019

Interview - California Dreaming Wear

1.Rad greetings of Perú,George! How going the things in California Dreaming Wear?
Hello, I would like to start by saying thank you for considering us for this interview. Here in California Dreaming wear headquarters things are going well; we are an upcoming brand to the streetwear market and hoping to make a name for ourselves. 

2.Tell us how you form California Dreaming Wear? Hows been the begings?
California dreaming has always been on my mind since I was in my teens. One day I got myself a job in the industry of garment decoration, learned a lot, and decided after several years to create my vision, and started to build California Dreaming. 
The beginnings have brought ups and downs; however I've continued to work hard; and California dreaming still stands moving strong and growing. 

3.Influences and motivations at California Dreaming Wear to keep strong?
Influence stems from our Californian culture and  lifestyle. Part of the Californian culture that the brand wants to reflect is skating ,surfing, and snowboarding to name a few. For example,  what's really cool about California is that we can surf in the morning  and go snowboarding at night. We want our brand to express our lifestyle, and more deeply the people that make up this state which reflects all types of ethnicities from around the world contributing to the Californian culture.. Our motivation to keep going is our customer's feedback , we love to hear comments like " we love the design" , " Fabric is great" "this is my favorite shirt" definitely our customer keep us going to create new art for the brand because it is relatable. 

4.George apart of California Dreaming Wear you have another proyect paralell?
California Dreaming is our main focus, we are always researching for the best garments for our brand, and what the current trends are. Not all customers know that we are working hard to ensure that our garments are made from distributors who are making sure that they are making small carbon footprint in our planet, and that the workers making this garment are also paid fairly. I really would hope that all brands become conscious about the impact the garment industry has to the world. 

5.Explain some more about skateboarding scene in your city,have diy spots?
In the Los Angeles and surrounding cities skateboarding and surfing movement is so strong; I have friends who wake up every morning to hit the surf before they go to work, and  people like to go skating at the boardwalk in Newport Beach at the end of the day. There are various skating parks around the cities (free and admission fee) where skaters from all ages skate. Skating is definitely a big part of our daily lives.

6.A word:

Jay Adams:
Santa Cruz Skateboards:
Bones Brigade:
Tony Alva:


7.Stuff avaliable of California Dreaming Wea at the moment? where is possible get it?
At the moment California Dreaming is focusing on t-shirts and hoodies; as our brand grows we will be focusing on making additional wear items for our customers. We have thought of making our own skateboards but we are still considering that idea. 

8.Future plans?
The future for California Dreaming is bright, we are working with a couple of contacts to expand the brand to local stores  and also working with influencers in social media which  will play a big role for our brand . We can only move forward and continue to make great content for our customers. You will definitely see more.

9.Thanks for this interview George! Something you want to add? Cheers!
We would like to say thanks again and finish our interview by saying that Dreams only work when you do. 


George S.
California dreaming CEO

Dilemma Skateboards

jueves, 21 de febrero de 2019

Interview - Bacon Skateboards

1.Fast and furious greetings from Perú Hell,Colin! Hows going the things at Bacon Skateboards?
Great! We are on our 15th year of selling skateboards!

2.Tell us how is formed Bacon Skateboards? Hows been the beginnings?
My friend in college and i discussed starting a skateboard company in the early 90's but didn't do anything. He started spray painting boards with an artist friend of his in 2003 and told me to join him in 2004!

3.Influences and motivations to keep strong Bacon Skateboards into underground skaetboarding?
Skating with friends and helping support skaters who are also your friends is the most important thing!

4.What you think about DIY? How many DIYs have your city?
Portland, OR has one of the first DIY's in Burnside Skatepark! We also helped build Brooklyn Street Skatespot (RIP) There are tons of backyard concrete private DIY ... too many to count!

5.Bacon Skateboards have a crew?
Yes! our team is Zach Cusano, Chuck Pontone, Taylor Hoagland, Adam Ottenberg, Dustin Brown, Brian Hamm, Scotty Englund, Frank Richardson and the Legend, Tim Johnson! I hope i didn't forget someone!

Zach Cusano

Chuck Pontone

Adam Ottenberg

Brian Hamm

Scotty Englund

Frank Richardson

Tim Johnson

6.Colin,explain some more about the underground and diy skateboarding scene of your city
It's simple. It's easier to ask for forgiveness than permission. If you think that what you are creating is adding a benefit to the neighborhood and providing something that will make people happy and healthy, you have to do it. The local government doesn't have your immediate interest in mind, you have to take it yourself!

7.You still destroying boards and knees? you prefer street? or bowl?
I am now 46 and it seems each year i get more beat up. I don't skate as much as i used to but I prefer transition... a good small mini ramp with friends and beers is probably my retirement pla

8.Where underground skateboarders can find merch of Bacon Skateboards?
We sell to the 3 big online US stores, CCS, Skatewarehouse and Tactics but we also sell to your local skateshop as much as possible. Sometimes its hard for small shops to support underground brands because it doesn't have the same marketing power as the bigger brands. We also sell direct from Unheardpdx.com

9.Morbid future plans at Bacon Skateboards?
We will keep supporting local and our friends in skateboarding until we're all dead

10.Thanks for your time in this interview Colin,last words!
Thank you for reaching out! If anyone wants to contact when they come to Portland, we will try and show them a good time!