jueves, 22 de octubre de 2015

Interview - Shanae Collins

1.Rad greetings Shanae! how things go there?
What's up? Everything's great over here! 

2.Tell us how you started to destroy your ankles and destroy boards?
My brother always skateboarded when I was growing up, and I just wanted to be like him, so that's how I picked it up. 

3.How would you describe the diy underground skateboarding scene?
I think it's rad, I'm not heavily involved but I enjoy skating D.I.Y spots. It's a challenge to skate something steep and gnarly. 

4.At the moment you have sponsors?
Globe Shoes, Theeve Trucks, Kudos Skateboards. Check them out!

5.Influences in your skateboarding?
Izy Mutu, Ben Raybourn, I don't know anyone that goes fast with long grinds haha!

6.What you think about the diy skateboarding?
Skateboarding is life. I've met all my best friends through skateboarding, it's taught me how to be a genuine person and to appreciate what I have around me. There's no bullshit, that's what I like most. There's always room for progression and a new trick to try. Go fast or fuck off haha! 

7.Your best tricks?
I don't know that I have any best tricks... But my favourite trick to do is a no comply crail slide. I'm pretty into rock 'n' rolls at the moment as well. 

8.Wich is your favorite spot to destroy?
Always Pizzey, my local! 

9.Shanae future plans?
Skate, work, beer. Keen to get back over to the states again, maybe film a clip. Probably just hang with Izy. I've been playing a lot of pool lately, maybe I'll start hustling or something. 

10.Thanks for your time! Last words!
Cheers man!

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