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Interview - Izy Mutu

1.Cheers! Izy! Greetings from Peru Hell ! hows going the things there?
Hey hey! Things are great I'm in the USA right now been down in Oceanside hangin and skating for a few weeks and just got to Mammoth Mountain but I left my skateboard in LA .. Oops! 

Back D - Darren Kirby

2.Tell us how you started destroy spots and skateparks? which was your influence in the
My older brother skated first then naturally I just wanted to do everything he did, my dad made us a little maybe 1.5ft quarter pipe I learned to drop in on and we'd skate my driveway till dark eventually made it to the local parks and the rest is history.

Back Smith - Mimi Knoop

3.Actually you have sponsors? which are? 
THEEVE trucks, Type-S wheels, HOAX mfg.

FS Ollie - Shanae Collins

4.Tell me how is the skateboard scene in your city? exist the DIY? underground skateboarding? 
It's pretty awesome I live on the Gold Coast and there's a bunch of pretty new skateparks I usually just skate Pizzey Park after work it's the best and we have rad sessions with the boom box. DIY is growing the guys down south do a lot more of it we tried to do a bridge spot a few years back but it got knocked out super quick.

FS Smith - Mimi Knoop

5.You form part from some crew?
Haha Crew Deep me and my Homie Shanae Collins we skate and travel a lot together get the tunes pumping and hype the session.

Sweeper - Tom Flaherty

6.Which are your favorite tricks? 
I love locking into a smith grind it's probably the best feeling I know hah.

Back Smith - Vagabond

7.I saw your style and is totally skate metal punk destroy,you like the metal,punk?
I love pretty much all music if my iPod was on shuffle you'd get a little taste of all the genres hah, but yeah Punk and Metal are what I learned early on from my friend Mel also go faster, grind the back truck and Life Rules.

BS Smith - Renton Millar

8.You were in the US Open of Surfing Vans At Huntington Beach,that it go? It was good experience? Yeah it's always a good time cause you get to hang out with all the homies that you wouldn't really get to see otherwise, the bowl on the beach is super awesome it sucks that they pull it down every year! Outside of the bowl though that place is nuts like a proper circus!

FS 5050 - Namchi Van

9.You know some from the skateboarding in Peru? I actually know nothing of Peru to be honest! I'd love to get out and travel some more if the world gotta go back home and save up some more $$$ first though!

BS Ollie - Kat Williams

10.What you have in mind for the future Izy? 
Well I always want to travel meet new people and discover more. I have a full time job as a Restaurant Manager also so just juggling life to work how I want it to.. 

FS Smith - Selfie

11.Thanks for your time! something you want to add? 

FS Smith - Jerry Burke

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