lunes, 15 de mayo de 2017

Interview - Trash Knife

1.Maniac greetings Lauren! how are you? all sick? How going the things in Trash Knife?
Im doing awesome.
Trash knife is going good
We are writing new songs and greeting ready for mindwest tour.

2.Explain more how is formed this chaotic band from skate punk rock?
We were all friends.
We all new each other from raging at shows and skateing.

3.How many stuff have edited Trash Knife?
Trash Knife have two tapes out.

4.Trash influences?
Trash influences...Bikini Kill,The Trowels,Suicidal Tendencies,The Viletons,The Secrets.

5.The lyrics talk basically from?
The lyrics are from my life and things.
I think about.

6.Some member from Trash Knife have another proyect paralell?
The drummer is in a band called Ruby Buff,the other guitar player is in Spent Fleash.

7.Tell us how is the scene skate punk rock in your city? a lot from destruction in the gigs? recommend some bands..
Theres a bad ass skate scene in Philly,we have a lot of D.I.Y. skate parks.
We have Mc Rad,Hand of Weed and the are not together anymore but you should check out the twowels.

8.Stuff avaliable out not from Trash Knife? How is it possible to obtain it?
We have a bandcamp, as well as being on itunes.
We have two cassettes out.

9.Destructive plans to the future?
Our plan is to travel and rage and write fun music as much as possible.

10.Lauren,maniac! thanks for your time in this interview,last words...
My last words...SUCK MY PUSSY!

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