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Interview - Julz Lynn

1.Rad greetings Julz! how are you? all killer there?
Radical times, good vibes! Things are going awesome!

2.Tell us how you start in the skateboarding? as were your beginnings?
My beginning were watching home skate videos and watching skateboarding all my life. All the friends of family ended up being skateboarders; most of my influence in life was from surfing, snowboarding, moto, skateboarding, music, fly family. I really got into it at 11 and wanted to start competition so I could call myself a professional skateboarder. I have always had a natural ability for progression. The saying "where there is will power, there has to be a way." Therefore all things are possible so I have to go for it! Risk and experience lead to the best personal progression. With in a few months down the line I won my first Ladies amateurs comp. I watched the women's pro and took notes on the differences. For there on out I was dead set on destruction for everything my skateboard could touch. True freedom in youth at it's finest for my upbringings under my fathers watch. My mind was free, brain at rest, and my heart felt pure as gold in the fire. Nothing but myself could stop me from skateboarding as much as possible. Knowing skateboarding saved my life from many situations and helped me with all areas of my life I will never let that flame die! 

3.Wich are your influences in the skate? your motivation to destroy the spots?
My main influences to skate are all the shredders that get at it! They show up to the spot and no time is wasted. They are hungry to blow off steam and take out energy on the park. Feel the forces and gravity in the flow and be one with your board. One of my favorites to watch from the beginning has always been Pedro Barros. His power, height on airs, length of grinds, and usage of all aspect of the arena so incredible to watch and skate with! Another major influence has always been Bucky With his creativity on the skateboard! Truly bringing that imagination aspect of seeing what you are going to do and recreating that in reality. He puts 100 percent effort into his tricks and skates with incredible precision. Salba is the same with creativity and his lines are truly inspirational. Just when you think he is going to go backside over the light, he goes double frontside and hits light box and love seat and then takes cake in the shallow. Gotta love creativity in skateboarding weather it is the tricks, or lines. Last but never actually the last inspiration for destruction is all those homies out there I've met along my journey that love skateboarding with all their hearts! If you keep it 100% Skateboarder you know you have my respect. It takes true commitment and dedication. Living, breathing, eating that lifestyle and putting it back out with individual originality! Showing that personal psychology from board to rider. Each individual has a unique style because of their influences and that's why I listen to every genre of music. If you only like one style how does that make you a musician? If you are a real skateboarder, you love every part of it and want to see everyone grow together. We all have or past set backs but that's why I go out and skate pools. Find that light, get your coping skills on point and move forward as fast possible! Know your limits and when you test them. Do you cry over testing limits, no you get back up if you still can and give it another go! I like people with minds like this and you can see it shine in their skills! I also like seeing the shine in people's face when they light up with excitement because of accomplishing new things. That is a beautiful blessed part of life.

4.How is the rad skateboarding scene in your city?
My hometown is Orange County. I'm am between Los Angeles and San Diego near the coast bellow Salba Land. Its probably the most prime place to live because you have it all in one area. There is a mass amount of parks, pools, street spots, a few very ramps, private backyard bowls, Ramos, indoor parks. Skateboarding jungle; you got it! We are one of the only places in the world where every park pretty much at all open hours has at least one rider in it. There are a lot more females at the park. You can see girls finally figuring out they can also figure out center of gravity and have natural style that is far more intriguing to watch than some males in my opinion. To each there own preference of style but it's nice that ladies women and girls of all ages are comfortable on skateboards now and accepted for there skills. There more people who can appreciate skateboarding for what it is and what it looks like; the better! When people start appreciating all those aspects we come together to make one of the strongest communities. We keep each other safe and protected from outsiders haters who have a lack of understanding. They are over standing and we as skateboarders with stand everything by riding through our life as a healthy positive outlet! Skateboarding builds your character to be strong and I believe that's is where the strength in our community comes from. Who likes a broken train, you have to keep the machine moving!

5.Actually you have sponsors?
My sponsors at this period of time are Ace Trucks, Black Flys Eyewear, Vox Footwear, Hard Luck, Ohana Organics, and I have a board company Julz Skateboards you can find at

6.Your best tricks?
Cab grinds. Laybacks. I love airs of every kind. This list goes on... Frontside Stand up grinds are my strongest and most consistent trick. 

7.What you think about the diy and underground skateboarding?
DIY and Underground skateboarding is where it is at! Who wants to follow some mold. Do you want to be a copy or actually be yourself and do things yourself. Underground is all about skateboarders working together to make more skateboarding they are the foundation for where the corporate comes up with their ideas. We are out there actually creating and building. Doing the labor ourselves and making it happen for everyone around us to enjoy the fruits as long as they have respect for real 100% percent skateboarding style. 

Bowl is number one because I like going super fast and I was raised on pool and vert skateboarding. I will also skate street. I like gaps and drops and can throw a few flat ground tricks out there. It's a major part of being a whole well rounded skateboarder no doubt. 

9.You know some from the skateboarding scene from Peru?
I have little knowledge about Peru and the skaters other than the media coverage and stories of the Bingham brothers and their connection to Machu Picchu and preservation of Incan culture. I also feel like I must have skated with some Peruvian skaters before in my life time but am currently drawing blanks in my brain on names. 

10.Future plans Julz?
Jul Z?! Hahaha. Next is Xgames Austin, U.S. Open, to Vans Park finals in Sweden. 

11.Last words! and thanks for your time Julz! big hugs!
Thank you for allowing me to give a little taste of my brain for this interview. Time is nothing to those who flow with it! My pleasure! Blessings friends! Always stay true and committed! No fear. No shame in the game. Times get chaotic and you just gotta kick push and coast through it! Real peace of mind, flip that switch and turn up the living! Never say Never ;) Ride on, grind on, be Brave, Bright, and Beautiful you!

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