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Interview - Nic Rivera (HO AX MFG Rider)

1.Greetings from the ruins from Peru Hell Nic,hows going the things there? news?
Thing's are good for me right now. I have just been working and skating alot. Learning new tricks and making new friend's. Life is good!

2.Let us know more about your life, when you started to destroy spots and the street?
I grew up in a broken home in the east San Francisco Bay Area. My mother raised my sister and I. I got my first skateboard when I was 11 and was skating and roaming the streets until I was about 19. My mother moved me to Southern California when I was 14. I met this guy named Scotty Cox from Sole Technologies (E's, Etnies, Emerica) and he started taking me around teaching me how to skate transitions. I've been skating for almost 16 years and 9 of those years I only skated street.

3.At the moment which are your sponsors?
Ace Trucks, Hoax MFG, Pocket Pistols (flow), Black Fly's Eyewear, Globe Shoes (flow) Attic Skateshop, Bridge To Skate Organization and Al Ramone Tattoo!

4.Tell me how is the scene skateboarder in your city? a lot of spots? some true skateboarders?
Costa Mesa, California has a great scene, we have spawned a few pro's from our local park such as Ryan Spencer, Ryan Reyes, David Loy and the we got Grosso and Omar Hassan living in Costa Mesa as well. There are many street spot's and pool's in this area so we never get bored!

5.You form part from some crew? team?
Not really, I mostly just skate by myself or with the little homies at the park. I you wanted to call us a crew then my "crew" consist's of kid's age's 11-19. I love giving inspiration to the youngster's at the parks. It keep's me going and having a smile on my face!

6.Your 5 best tricks?
I'm still trying to figure out my "best" trick. But Five tricks I enjoy doing the most right now are... Carve Grinds, Front feeble, Backside tailslide, Fast Plant's and any heelflip variation.

7.A word to:


Jay: Thanks for the inspiration Grosso: Opinion's are like assholes, everybody has one. But I respect his haha! Lowcard: Rad! Confusion: Your'e the shit! D.I.Y or die! Sick format and layout, articles are tight. No B.s. Raw skateboarding!

8.You are totally into the true and underground skateboarding Nic,recommend me some true brands, magazines, skateboarders,spots( diy parks)
For brand's I'd say Hoax Mfg, Spank Grip, Pocket Pistols, Underground Skate supply.              Magazine: Confusion           Skateboarders: Taylor Nye, Colby Franz, Alex Vasquz and Race Nagel and Kevin Nieto.   Spot's: Salamander Ranch, Skate FE, Kernside, Burnside and Marginal Way.

9.You know some from the peruvian skateboarding scene?
No unfortunately I do not. But I would like to learn.

10.Projects? future plans in the life?
I'm trying to find a spot in my area to build a D.I.Y skatepark. and future plans for me...

11.Yo! Nic thanks for your time freak! your last words!
Thank you for taking the time for this interview and remember, not everything you hear is true. "question everything"

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