lunes, 29 de junio de 2015

Interview w/Ryan Salter (Weasel Face)

1.Hey Weasel Face! greetings from Peru Hell,all good in your chaotic life maniac?
Hey, pretty busy with a bunch of shit right now, but all good yeah.

2.Tell us about your sick artwork bro.Which are your influences in there?
I mostly get my inspiration from skateboarding and day to day things. As for artists, im a huge fan of Phillips of course, Todd Francis, Crumb and Pushead to name a few. 

3.Into the skateboarding,tell me how you as you started in the skate destroy?
Well I've been skateboarding since I was like 8, just fucking around bombing down hills, my parents bought me an old school Sonic The Hedgehog skateboard when I was a kid and fell in love with it since then really. I had a few real shit paper graphic boards after that, I bought my first 'popsicle' cheap board in Newquay Cornwall when I was about 12, and I was skating down the high street and tried to pop an ollie and slipped out and my board flew into this old womans ankle haha was pretty funny, my parents went fucking mental at me. We later saw her limping around, was pretty funny. 

4.Which are your favorite tricks? your prefer ride in the street or in a bowl?
I prefer to skate transition but bombing hills and skating curbs is also rad.

5.How is the scene skateboarder in your city? tell me about this.
The skate scene in my city is pretty poor I guess, our local skateparks fucking suck. Few skateboarders kicking about but mostly ruled by BMXers and scooter fags. We tend to travel around a lot and go to different skateparks in our areas. I live in the South West of England and there's fuck all to skate here, that's why I've started a D.I.Y project with my friends, have to do shit yourself if you want it, no point waiting around for something that's not going to happen.

6.What you think about the work from Neck Face?
Yeah Neck Face is rad, really like all the shit he does.

7.Apart from your killer artwork,you make a zine called Def Box,tell me more about thi shit.
Well I've got this new zine coming out called Defbox its a 20 something page zine on random crap. Just a bunch of drawings I put together, probably most stoked on this one, put a whole lot of effort into it. 
Got some stuff in there I'm real happy with, going to be making some prints and maybe t-shirts from it too.

8.You know some from the peruvian skateboarding scene?
Nah I don't know anything about the peruvian skate scene ha!

9.Morbid future plans?
Not really got much plans for the future, in terms of skateboarding me and my friends are planning another skate trip to California next year which will be rad, went there 2 years ago and it was insane. Need to get back there. 
Going to make a few more t-shirts later this year, maybe some longsleeve's or something.

10.Your last putrid words bro?
Fuck Nyjah Huston. 

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