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Interview w/Jonathan Hay (Confusion Magazine/HO AX MFG)

1.Killer greetings from Peru Jonathan! how are you? hows going skate and destroy life there?

Busy most of the time with Confusion and other projects, not just making the magazine, but distributing it worldwide, getting ads, printing tees, and of course updating all the internet channels (fb, ig, website). But the concrete bowl and diy skate scene in germany and europe in general is the best it's ever been. I've lived here for almost 6 years, when I first moved here there was probably 10 concrete skateparks, now there's probably 200. Building concrete skate spots is the hottest thing since the hoola hoop or the yo-yo.

2.I saw Confusion bro and is totally sick! pure true skateboarding nothing from bullshit! Tell me how born Confusion Magazine bro? how many issues have out? Influences?

Stoked you are stoked on Confusion. Yeah, we keep the bullshit (Energy drinks, sports shoes, etc.) out of it and keep it pure. Confusion was born out of the ashes of my former pool skating / concrete skatepark magazine CONCUSSION which I made with a friend in Santa Cruz, Californa for 13 years. I moved to europe and was just hoboing around with my skateboard and surfboard in 2005-2007, and after that the magazine kind of fell apart... the economy, pool skating and diy and concrete skating weren't like they are now, in every mag, it was mostly just street skating in all the other magazines. As far as influences, well, I would say Lowcard, but in fact, we (concussion magazine) influenced them, and also, I would add, Lowcard led to the death of Confusion because a lot of our advertisers quit running ads in Confusion and put them in Lowcard instead. It was an 'us or them' scenario, and we lost... Lowcard was much more cool, trendy, happening, new... Concussion was more, at the time, for a bit older dudes who skated backyard pools. Now all the street kids even have to have a line in a backyard pool in their video edits, but in the late 90s, early 00s it wasn't like that at all. Early Thrasher's could also be seen as an early influence because that was the only skate magazine I used to look at before it became like all the other corporate magazines. But honestly, the main influences were the fact that I loved to take skate, surf, live punk show photos, and my friend liked to write. I decided we should work together and make a magazine so we had an outlet.... that's how Concussion began, and now I guess i'm just addicted to making a skateboard magazine, I tried to quit, but, I started again.... and I can't stop. I need help. 

3.Your other project is HO AX brother,tell us more about this please.

Hoax MFG is a skate clothing company I started with my friend, also in Santa Cruz, in 2008, right before I moved to Europe. Now we run it out of southern California and Cologne, Germany, we have guys also helping out in Australia, I mean, printing up the tshirts and helping get our message out there. Our message is that everything is a Hoax, the government, everything you are told growing up, about what is success (fancy car, shitty 9-5 job you hate, 2 weeks off for holiday to go sit on the beach drinking mai tais and getting sun burnt to return to your shitty job). It's about thinking for yourself, questioning everything. It's also making fun a bit of the whole skateboard industry, and clothing companies in general. Because, what is a skate clothing company, a logo, a skate team, ads in a mag, some videos and photos of guys wearing your shirts, ok, yeah, we can do that, so we did, but we do it our way, with a bit of political messages, rebellion and some humor. Somehow we ended up with a sick team with Chris Russell, Skreech, Donovan Rice, Hunter Okano, and Jojo Heffington. If you don't know who those dudes are, look them up. We also have another 15 dudes from around the world on the team, that are all well respected in their own countries and sometimes internationally (Jake Snelling (england), Koekie (belgium), Shoota (australia), Jose Noro (spain), Kevin Wenzke (germany), and the list goes on.... but just remember, it's all just a Hoax. 

4.How is the skateboarding scene in your city/country?

The skateboarding scene in Cologne itself is good, if you are a street skater, which I am not, I'm into transition skating, preferably on concrete. But, since a few months we have a new big concrete bowl designed by Rune Glifberg from Denmark, and it's in the same skatepark as my favorite little Owl Bowl which has pool coping, and we have a spot under the bridge we started a few years ago and are still working on and another half street half transition skatepark which is cool. So the scene in Cologne is getting better, not just street skating. The scene in Germany is good, thanks to Minus Pools who built about 30 skateparks in the last 5 years. The scene in europe is really good, you can drive to 3 or 4 different countries within a few hours, or take a train or cheap flight to another 10 countries, and there's stuff to skate all over. Small towns are starting to get concrete parks, just like what happened in Oregon in the 90s. 

5.Which is the team rider from Confusion Magazine? HO AX have a team rider? 

Magazines don't have team riders. Skate clothing companies do. And yeah HOAX has 6 guys on the US team, 14 on the international team, and 20 on the flow team. Check out The website is almost done... No, really. 

6.Hardcore Punk,Skate and destroy all is part from your life? 

Yes. Since I was 12 or 13. 

7.Your five favorite tricks? 

My top 5 favorite tricks are the grind. 

8.What do you think? 

SUICIDAL TENDENCIES THRASHER MAGAZINE SLAYER JEFF GROSSO Yeah, Suicidal, Thrasher, Slayer and Grosso are all solid choices. Of the 4 I would take SLAYER. Grosso is funny, skates rad and is more and more controversial, he got in a lot of trouble talking shit about all the legends at the Vans Combi party on the live webcast, that was amusing. Suicidal are classic, but they were never my favorite. Sometimes I wonder if people really like the music, or just the image. Name 10 Suicidal Songs. Institutionalized... I saw Your Mommy, Possessed to Skate, and ummmm...... And Thrasher, we already talked about, used to be good, now it's just another brand catalog. The website is good though, lots of good videos. But the print mag used to be way, way, way better. It used to be punk, skate punk... now it's commerical as fuck

9.Future plans bro?
Keep doing what I'm doing and spread the Confusion around the world. 

10.Last words Jonathan. 

Do it yourself, because no one's going to do it for you. Don't sit around and complain about things, change them, and make things better. Don't follow trends, start them. Follow no one, except us: @confusionmagazine @hoaxmfg

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