martes, 29 de marzo de 2016

Reno Divorce Reviews

In a few weeks arrived this great stuff from Reno Divorce by Brent Loveday (vocals-guitar) and friend from Sk8 Coach Skateboarding Blogzine and here the reviews about this raw stuff!

Reno Divorce - Tears Before Breakfast CD

Denver presents! Reno Divorce!
This time with 11 tracks from pure raw and street punk in the vein from Social Distortion,Old Rancid,Angry Samoans.
Autenthic voice by Brent Loveday,punk rock riffs all the time also with melodic riffs,intense bass and the drums with the classic rhythms from punk rock but with a lot of beats!
Killer presentation from the cd in format Digipack!
If you are follower from Reno Divorce you cant miss this piece! take a beer and listen this awesome album!

Reno Divorce - Lovers Leap CD

Arghhh! Rock N Roll in my fucking veins! Motorcycles,cigarrettes,beers!
Reno Divorce is a great band from Rock N Roll style with some influences from Punk Rock like Agent Orange,TSOL,Fear!
This stuff have 13 songs for your taste on the roads!
You should be listen Rep To Protect,Sunsets & Corvettes to pass a great time with your friends in a dirty bar!
Highly recommended for the true followers from rock n roll,punk rock!

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