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Interview - Los Huaycos

1. Huaycal Attack! Infernal hails from Peru hell!
Mark: Okay sweet.
Ryan: Bloody dripping swords from Oakland!

2. Tell us how is formed this chaotic band called Los Huaycos?
Mark: One day after eating Thai food on Shattuck somewhere drinking fancy beers with Renzo we talked about starting a project.
Ryan: These knuckle heads asked me to play drums one day, so we went and jammed and it instantly worked.

3. How is the hardcore punk trash scene where you live?
Mark: I don’t go to as many shows as I used to because I can barley afford it, so I couldn’t really tell you but it’s been lots of fun. People from all over the world come here for punk only to find out that the rent is increasingly high and that there is no work for them or only work that pays shit. It’s incredible for me that there’s punks that can afford to live in San Francisco, there is a huge ‘green’ industry that helps back some.
Ryan: Well tuesday is trash night on our block, so unless we’re too wasted someone has to remember to take it outside. Oh Thrash scene?! It’s pretty tight. All the legends are from the bay.

4. I think what the skateboard is a basic influence in Los Huaycos, tell us more about this?
Mark: I just like doing slappies with some revert variations and boneless, I like companies like Assault and Welcome where the weirdness of skateboarding comes out. It reminds me of what got me into skateboarding in the first place. I don’t understand the X-Games or Street League side of it at all, it’s completely boring to me.
Ryan: We’re influenced by 80’s skate rock and skateboarding in general. Most of us have been skating since we were kids so it just comes naturally to us. Huaycal slappy attack!

5. Hell yeah! Los Huaycos have his own skateboard model, as it occurred this idea?
Mark: Yeah, The Huayco Stick it skates great and looks awesome, sick shape, sick Andrei Bouzikov art. We just made four, one for the each of us so far. Garzo used to have one, the story about how it got lost is super crazy. We’re gonna make another model for December.
Ryan: Obviously it was largely inspired by the Vision Psycho Stick. We modeled it after the shape and color scheme with similar aesthetics. Mark and I worked on the shape for a couple of weeks, and then we all got together to finalize the design.

6. Huaycos lyrics? 
Mark: I try to help a little bit but most of it comes from Garzos mind and stuff that’s happened to us since we started the band.
Ryan: Nothing but beer, tits and satan; and a little skating, after beer.

7. How many stuff have out in the dirty streets Los Huaycos?
Mark: 2 cassettes, 3 Tshirts designs, and the Huayco Stick.
Ryan: The first pressing of the debut cassette on my Pfantone Labs label sold out in a couple of weeks. Cintas Merfi (Renzos label) released the second press. We also have our own line of deep sea fishing poles and plus size unisex undergarments.

8. Basically influences? 
Mark: Dischord early HC era and 90’s werido eras, Early SST, Sonic Youth, Scholastic Deth, Token Entry. Some Cliff Burton and Geezer bass lines.
Ryan: Basically, Dinosaur Jr., Black Flag, Civil Dismay, Discharge. Peruvian metal masters Hadez and Goat Semen.

9. I know what Mark and Garzo have another proyects here in Peru like are Asmereir and Methamorphosis, Ryan and Renzo have another proyects too?
Mark: Renzo plays in Kinder from Lima also, and they recently played some California shows.
Ryan: I used to play drums for Experimental Dental School for a few years. I also have a few laboratory / ambient / analog electronic industrial projects… Geldings, Starlite Coffins, and Direct Cut To:.

10. Chaotic and future plans in Los Huaycos?
Mark: Play in Lima in December, working on new songs, hope to go do a SoCal tour as well as North West. I hope to go to the East Coast at some point too. I’ve never been to Europe or Japan, getting there with Los Huaycos would be epic.
Ryan: I wanna eat many Peruvian tacos with many hotdogs and ketchups.

11. Thanks Ryan, Mark, Garzo and Renzo for his time in this interview.
Mark: Cheers
Ryan: Thanks Diego, hope to see you in Peru soon, lets go skate.

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